Love to inspire,
Inspire to protect,
Protect to make a difference…


Our concept evolves around the LOVE we feel for life, the environment, toward each other, and the HAPPINESS we experience while we protect and cherish all of these attributes. LOVE is embedded into our DNA and why we do what we do today and every day and why we create beautiful products which you will be in love with at first sight and look after them for the next generation.

Because we believe our products are not only for you to just enjoy; they will gain their meaning during their journey from one hand to another thanks to their high quality and longevity. We also strongly fight to prevent our products ending up in landfills. That is why we do everything we can to create impeccable products by traditional craft techniques with contemporary innovation, which are destined to be everlasting and loyal companions of you for many years.

Sustainability for us is to create extraordinarily high quality and safe products with decency, passion and talent behind them all and build a platform where we can introduce them to you, to their new homes, where they will be loved, cherished deeply with a peace of mind for years to come.

What an amazing feeling for us to be able to be a part of your unique journey.



 “For me the slow movement is not just about fashion, it is about your life, the way you experience it. It is about slowing to enjoy it and memorialise every moment, every detail; slowing down to live fully engaged and meaningful… It is all about physically and mentally to be here, right now“ - Sevda


Most of us have been conditioned in the culture of ‘more, more, more’ when it comes to success and happiness. More money, more clothes, more food, more gadgets. The problem is that now we are feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. We eat too much, drink too much, work too much and spend too much. As people in the wealthiest counties have become richer, their health have deteriorated inversely: heart disease, diabetes and depression - the diseases of the ‘more’ culture - have become epidemic. It is time to think about replacing more with less, but better.

That is why we design for women who are socially responsible and cautious about the future of the environment and its limited resources and understand exactly why slowing down is essential for all of us.They are the leading group of people with vision, and who readily and dedicatedly invest in ethically made products with a mission to make a real change in today's fast consumed fashion world.

We encourage our customers to slow down their buying habits, instead invest in better, valuable products. Together, without compromising our style, we are all part of the reformation to be more sustainable and to slow reckless consumerism. And we believe we can only achieve this together!