Responsibly sourcing high quality sustainable/ recycled materials



Product sustainability begins in our London design studio. It is widely claimed that 80% of the environmental impact of the products is determined at the design stage. At this point, we select materials and manufacturing processes, and defining the product lifecycle.


We believe one of our greatest contributions to sustainability is creating and making products to last, which can be worn for years and pass from one hand to another thanks to their high quality and longevity.

 Our key considerations during design stage are;

Designing with a sense of timelessness and the longevity in mind with the quality of manufacture.

Responsibly sourcing high quality sustainable/ recycled materials that prolong product life while requiring less from our planet.

Ensuring the full traceability and transparency for the materials we source including leather; knowing where our materials come from, how they are made and by whom.

Using mono fibres where possible for the entire product, including stitches and decorative trims.

Minimising production waste by recycling and upcycling, such as transforming of waste into a product that already has a market and use.

Supporting creativity and artisanship, both local and worldwide.

Aiming for best certification schemes for the materials we source, including high standards of quality and environmental management, decent working conditions and sustainable production.