Responsibly sourced high quality Italian leather

Our leather is a by-product of the meat industry and is sourced from our partner tannery in Italy, gold-rated by The Leather Working Group, offering traceability of the European skins and assurances that the leather hasn’t contributed to deforestation.
Sustainable attributes of our leather:

Leather from Italy Full Cycle  
The leather production chain is performed entirely in Italy, from raw hide to the finished leather, and accompanied by “Leather from Italy Full Cycle (UNI 112399) certification, to monitor the complete process and the chemical used during production.
Our partner tannery offers traceability of the European skins, and assurances that the leather hasn’t contributed to deforestation.
High standards of quality, environmental management and social responsibility
Our leather is gold-rated by The Leather Working Group and supported with the system and product certifications to advance communication in a transparent and scientifically proven way.
Supply chain monitoring in place
Complete traceability from abattoirs or raw hides collector to finished leather. We have been working steadily towards our 100% target for traceability up to the farm.
Monitoring of animal welfare legislation in EU and member states.
Systematic auditing of the main raw hides suppliers.
Energy Efficiency
Our partner tannery continually improves energy management and implements new energy-efficient technologies.
All electricity comes from renewable sources.
Less Chemical Usage
Our partner tannery restricts the use of chemical substances considered hazardous or having toxic properties.
Less Water Usage
Less water consumption using the best available EU techniques.
High Water Purification Efficiency
The waters undergo purification treatments at a central water conditioning plant where pollutants are reduced to values that do not entail risks for the environment.
The purification efficiency of water is 97-99%.
Waste Reduction
90% from waste sent for recycling.