We are a London based brand established in 2013. Since then and for many years leading up to our founding, London, one of the most beautiful cities, sits in the heart of our creativity. As Londoners and a British designer label, we also share in the quintessential simple, clean, elegant and timeless styles and designs created by iconic British brands.

Sevda’s inspirations are drawn upon her experiences in, and are as distinctive as, London itself with a British attitude. Her main inspirations are driven from the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of London, English countrysides and especially the Spring and Summer times when beautiful flowers envelope all of nature and the meticulous English gardens. Their bold colours and beautiful silhouettes form the concept of our collections through colour choices to bold prints on our products.

As much as we appreciate and get inspired by our rich culture, history, and renowned gardens, we aspire to create unique objects of the highest quality to enrich and contribute to these values and the surrounding beauty.




We live in the digital age where traditional skills such as artisan crafts are in danger of dying out as demand for them falls and craving for fast and cheaper products grows, which can only survive less than a season and find their way to landfills. The false sense of trying to be at the top of the trends rather than finding your unique style can be very harmful for the environment and for our next generations.

We are strongly against fast fashion and have been fighting to protect our values, crafts and the environment. We only create and invest in handmade artisans products with high value and real human talent and the intelligence behind it all. Our handbags are produced exclusively in the laboratories in Florence, Italy, guaranteed and certified by the Italian Consortium as genuinely Italian as truly “Made in Italy” products, using only the highest and safest quality materials, made by highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.

The craftsmanship of SEVDA handbags truly reflects the handmade standards. All pieces are strictly constructed through the traditional leather-making techniques with contemporary innovation, which has made Florence world famous for its quality, production and prestige.

The artisans we collaborate with also produce for high-end and some of the well-known global luxury brands and designers. It is a great pride for us to be one of these leaders investing in artisanship and the leather tradition itself.



We give extra attention to bringing to life the safest and cleanest products possible. Our leather handbag production is in Italy, where we have access to the best artisan skill and cleanest products thanks to the strict EU regulations that ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment, and strictly monitor the toxic chemical use in productions, which can cause serious health problems such as learning disabilities, heart problems, cancer and strokes. Even an unborn baby is exposed to the threat of these chemicals.

To highlight the authenticity of the leather we source, we only source Italian genuine leather certificated by ICEC (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001), which stands for the high standards of quality and environmental management.

We are strongly opposed to slavery, human trafficking, forced labor and child labor, and are committed to complying with applicable laws prohibiting such exploitation. We therefore encourage our partners, suppliers, as well as our customers to become even more aware of the risks and be part of the growing movement against these issues. Transparency is one of the main pillars of our DNA.