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Dani Sustainable Leather
Our partner tannery, DANI, impresses us with its exceptional ethical standards and dedication to sustainability. Their gold-rated certification from The Leather Working Group ensures traceability of European skins, thereby eliminating any contribution to deforestation. Furthermore, their practice of recovering hides from the food chain helps prevent waste.

 Dani Sustainable Leather in Italy


Sevda is in conversation with DANI

How did you get in touch with DANI?

Sustainability and ethical aspects of the leather business have been important for me. We know how damaging this industry can be for the environment. I feel responsible as a designer to bring not just beautiful products with high quality, but also those made with some of the best ethically produced leather that gives me peace of mind. What is the purpose of doing this business otherwise? And, with this mindset and my high standards, I conducted a lot of research and visited many trade shows to find the right partner for my business. All the arrows were pointing towards DANI leather.

What are the strengths of DANI leather that won you over and made the partnership possible? 

DANI’s high ethical standards and its dedication to sustainability, along with its influence on the industry to improve even further, I admit, dazzled me. Its gold-rated high standards, also proven by The Leather Working Group, offer traceability of European skins and assurances that the leather hasn’t contributed to deforestation, as well as recovering hides from the food chain that would otherwise become waste. These are probably the most important aspects of DANI leather that won my heart. With our new collection, we also promise to our customers that with DANI, we are offsetting our emissions by supporting United Nations green projects. How incredible is that?

What are your thoughts on alternative materials to leather?

I am quite positive about alternative materials if they are not called leather because they are not, and their ethical standards are as high as they promise. Recognising that not everyone may wish to use leather products for various reasons such as religious beliefs or dietary preferences, I respect the need for alternative options. There are interesting alternative materials coming to the market, and they are getting even better environmentally. Yet here we need to draw a line that these new materials are not leather. They cannot replace leather. Most of the durability standards of these materials can’t even compete with real leather. Just like the leather industry itself, there are also good and bad examples of alternative products to leather.

Finally, how do you envision the future of stylish bags? What trends will be the drivers in the coming years?

The incredible technological advancements taking place are awe-inspiring. One must learn to utilise them to achieve great results and stay ahead of the game. We started using 3D technology during the design and prototyping phase as a powerful tool to prevent waste in the production process. By employing advanced 3D modelling techniques, we can visualise our ideas with precision and accuracy, reducing the need for physical prototypes that often result in material waste. We are more inclined towards using these latest technologies and disruptive innovation that save time, money, and, of course, give me an advantage in launching products even when they are not physically available.

A few seasons ago, I created my first true-to-life 3D handbag collection digitally and launched this 3D collection at the London Fashion Week (LFW) digital platform, a season before launching the physical versions during Paris Fashion Week at Premiere Classe. And this season, to celebrate 40 years of LFW, we unveiled our first AI-generated campaign, reflecting the industry's shift toward innovation and sustainability. And I believe, eventually, each product in the market will have its identical digital twins in the virtual environment or so-called Metaverse with the help of Web3 and Immersive Reality. We will see a lot of change in the fashion business. I believe this is the future.

Conscious Design

Dani Sustainable Italian Leather

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