We are adapting a new business model while routing our primary target to Goal-12 of the United Nations

SEVDA LONDON is a London based fashion accessory brand with a distinctive British identity. Its main operation is the design and retailing of leather handbags and scarves.

The brand was established in 2013 by Sevda, after several years working in the industry, who is the founder and the designer behind the entire collections. Since then, the brand has been evolving around the principles which she strongly believes in. These are conscious designresponsible sourcing and high artisan quality.

Sevda brings together elegant modern beauty and sustainability within each of her products. This is possible because of the combination of creativity and true artisanship with unique sustainable materials; as the result of technological advancements and continuous research for making this world a better place.




Product sustainability begins in our London design studio. It is widely claimed that 80% of the environmental impact of the products is determined at the design stage. At this point, we select materials and manufacturing processes, and defining the product lifecycle.



We only create and invest in “artisans’ product” with high value and real human talent and the intelligence behind it all, to become loyal companions for many years that allow their owners to reflect their own unique personality. 



We commit to source responsibly all materials used in the production of our products. Our selection of suppliers is always supported with the system and product certifications, including high standards of quality and environmental management, decent working conditions and sustainable production.



While we have been suffocated by our wasteful consumption, the message given by our worn out tired Earth via the Covid-19 pandemic is clear. It is crucial to understand this message and comprehend the importance of slowing down, returning to our essence and adapting lifestyles in harmony with nature.

We will either return to our reckless addictions after the pandemic, or we will slow down and reshape our life by remembering who we really are.

We, as SEVDA LONDON, set out to be one of those building an alternative and profoundly different world; a slower and more meaningful one. Instead of being a slave to things, our philosophy is to invest in objects that bring joy and enrichment into our lives.

We are adapting a new business model while routing our primary target to Goal-12 of the United Nations; Responsible Consumption and Production. Our timeless style and longevity of our products are the keys to our sustainable strategy.

Respectively, our goals are;

Communicating in a transparent and honest way. 

Promoting sustainable design, and reducing the environmental impact of our products by sourcing from responsible and well-managed sources.

Changing the perception of the way we value the products and appreciating the people who make them possible for us.

Delivering knowledge through good communication and campaigns to encourage customers to replace more with less, but with better quality.

Adapting circularity in business and encourage reducing, reusing and recycling.

Raising awareness on overconsumption that creates increased pollution and waste, resulting in degraded and collapsing ecosystems, habitats, and species. 

It is time to collectively end our selfish behaviours that are exploiting our natural resources and slow down. 


We have already been shifting our business model from creating new collections for fashion seasons to high quality timeless products representing no particular season.

You will see the same timeless pieces in our stores again and again, with subtle changes based on customer feedback and design innovation.

We are slowing down and refusing to follow current, obsolete and endless cycle of false fashion trends, which fuel endless consumerism, and are a huge burden on the environment and its limited resources.

Instead, we create just enough, the right amount, and keep our existing timeless pieces regardless of fashion seasons. We won’t incinerate or disregard our products because of changing fashion trends. 

For us, fashion’s current business model doesn’t work. We do not want to produce too much for too cheap and contribute to waste.

Our objective is to become more circular in operation and promote reducing, reusing and recycling. 

We don’t want to be a part of manipulative fashion advertising for women to buy more. 

We will encourage our customers to buy less and better, and when they need it.

Our products are created by skilled artisans in dignity with sustainable, high quality materials that extend their lifespan, and can be worn for many years to come.

And, it is our promise to give our products a second life, or even many lives altogether.