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Product sustainability begins in our London design studio. It is widely claimed that 80% of the environmental impact of products is determined at the design stage. At this point, we select materials, manufacturing processes, and define the product lifecycle.

We also utilise 3D technology during the design and prototyping phase as a powerful tool to prevent waste in the production process. By employing advanced 3D modelling techniques, we can visualise our ideas with precision and accuracy, reducing the need for physical prototypes that often result in material waste.

With 3D technology, intricate details and complex structures can be tested virtually, allowing us to iterate and make adjustments before finalising our design. This not only saves time and resources but also minimises the environmental impact associated with traditional manufacturing methods.

By embracing 3D technology, our businesses can embrace sustainable practices, streamline our design processes, and contribute to a more eco-friendly and waste-conscious future.

During our design stage, we consider the following key factors:

  • Designing with a sense of timelessness and longevity in mind, prioritising the quality of manufacture.
  • Utilising 3D technology during the design and prototype stage to prevent waste.
  • Responsibly sourcing high-quality sustainable/recycled materials that prolong product life while minimising our planet's resources.
  • Ensuring full traceability and transparency for the materials we source, including leather. We prioritise knowing where our materials come from, how they are made, and by whom.
  • Using mono fibres wherever possible throughout the entire product, including stitches and decorative trims.
  • Minimising production waste through recycling and upcycling, transforming waste into products that already have a market and purpose.
  • Supporting creativity and craftsmanship, both locally and worldwide.
  • Actively collaborating with like-minded organisations, experts, and artisans who share our sustainability values.
  • Aiming for the best certification schemes for the materials we source, which encompass high standards of quality and environmental management, decent working conditions, and sustainable production.